Walther Kapperer obtained his Bachelor of Architecture and Building Arts degrees at the University of Port Elizabeth. He gained apprenticeship experience under renowned architect and artist Hannes Meiring where he became an Associate Architect in 1994. Walther decided after 7 years to start his own private practice in 1996.

Since then he designed and completed part of 47 projects within South Africa and abroad, which consisted of office buildings, military bases, retail outlets , schools, resorts, and student housing to name the least.

In the past 8 years he also completed more than 32 houses mainly in the Gauteng area and was appointed as Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve’s architect in 2010 who boasts with 300 stands. Kapperer Architects already completed 35 houses on the estate , also the clubhouse, offices and main lodge to date.

Walther’s future ideal is to focus on new technology and materials to create sustainable luxury homes for the future and to render specialized services to revamp and upgrade existing buildings. His love for the latter was developed during work on historical buildings under Hannes Meiring.

Walther has also got experience in larger Commercial buildings and specialized projects such as abattoirs, tanneries and military bases.